Mother Finds Live Worm In Capri-Sun Juice Pouch

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A Michigan mother says she found a live worm inside her son's Capri-Sun juice pouch last week. And despite what you see in the video below, in which the worm can be seen wriggling inside a plastic bag, Kraft Foods says it can't be sure the object in question isn't just mold without testing it in a lab.

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Emmie Field told USA Today that she bought the package of juice drinks at a Walmart last week and was getting ready to serve the sugary treat to her 18-month-old son. As usual, she says, she prepared the pouch by stabbing it with Capri-Sun's signature pointy-ended straw (come on, don't act like you don't know what we're talking about) and slurping up the first bit herself -- to avoid potential spills, obviously.

That's when she says she felt a "chunk" in her mouth. The chunk, she says, was a live worm.

According to the video, Kraft foods is sending its lab folks out to collect the specimen and figure out exactly what it is. In a statement, the company said that the suspected worm is mold that's taken the form of the straw, a response which now has us wondering how often people think they find worms in their juice and how common moldy straws are.

Either way, Field doesn't seem to have been overly concerned about the whole ordeal since she apparently let her other children drink pouches out of the same case.

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I doubt that very daughter came home from school this week in NJ and said that a girl had a worm in the straw of her capri sun drink....these are 3rd graders I.m sure they can tell...and the teacher and a lunch room aid...All I know is that I'm not touching them anymore!!


It's most likely mold. Every now and again, a Capri Sun package gets a tiny pinprick, just enough to let in air. The drink looks sealed, but inside it's spoiled. The dangers of all-natural beverages, I suppose.

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