Hot Pot Scuffle: Miu's Cuisine vs. New Hong Kong

Heather Hoch
The Chongqing hot pot at Miu's Cuisine.
If you've ever had a hot pot, then you know it's as much about the show as it is the rich, flavorful, and totally unique culinary experience. This Chinese classic is served in clay pots, metal pots, and even big metal bowls, but no matter what kind of pot, it must be sizzling-hot. That way, when the hot pot reaches your table, it's simmering and bubbling for you. Uncover the pot and take a whiff of amazing Chinese fare that's somewhere between a soup and an entrée.

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Heather Hoch
This hot pot is 50 percent spice and 50 percent random meat bits.
In This Corner: Miu's Cuisine

The Setup: This little joint on the border of Tempe in Mesa on Apache Boulevard is an enter-through-the-back kind of place. Intimidating at first, but the friendly, welcoming staff will quickly quell all of your concerns. The dining room is modest and simple. It's not all about the pizzazz -- that is, until the food comes out.

The Good: For about $20, you will get an overwhelming amount of food. We're pretty sure it could easily feed five adventurous diners, maybe more. Why must the diners be adventurous? Well, the insanely spicy broth holds some veggies, beef, fish, pork, and tripe. The flavor is strong and unlike any dish we've had before. This is the kind of dish you down for street cred. If tripe scares you, don't worry. The chef let us know that they use minimal amounts of tripe because it's high in cholesterol. Good lookin' out, buddy!

The Bad: This dish is spicy. We love spicy, but the chef literally walked out half in shock that we weren't pushing our plates away in mouth-burning horror. The pork also has a very interesting texture and we weren't exactly sure which part of the pig it came from. Plus, the portion is way too large for one person to ever conceivably eat.

Location Info

Miu's Cuisine

2314 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ

Category: Restaurant

New Hong Kong Restaurant

2328 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Kellie Columbus
Kellie Columbus

Great article, we love Miu's but they really do take the heat way too far. A couple handfuls less of chilis and it would be heaven!

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