Gyro Battles: Niro's Gyros vs. George's Famous Gyros

Rachel Miller
Gyro showdown: on the left, George's Famous Gyros and on the right, Niro's Gyros.

Gyros may not be the most beautiful, photogenic food, but nothing sends more happiness to our hearts and grumbles to our bellies than a moist, slightly crisp pile of meat on a warm pita that has been slathered with tzatziki.

Both gyro places featured today boasted stints in Chicago, before landing in Phoenix to create their gyro empires.

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Rachel Miller
The Single Gyro from Niro's Gyros in Ahwatukee.

In This Corner: Niro's Gyros

Rachel Miller
Inside the dining room of Niro's Gyros.

The Setup: Operating in Ahwatukee since 2006, this family-run shop turns out gyros to long lines of hungry people everyday during lunch. Pauline and Theo Christakos have been running restaurants for 20 years here in the Valley, as the previous owners of Theo's Spartan Grill, in Tempe.

The Single Gyro rings up at $5.75, with gyro sauce, tomatoes and onions.

The Good: The meat is delicious, moist and crisp and hot. The service is fast and professional, a very welcome sign they have their front-of-house operation down to a science.

The Bad: The pita was a little hard and the gyro sauce, while similar to a traditional tzatziki, it's incredibly thick and lacks in flavor.

Location Info

George's Famous Gyros

7620 E. McKellips Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Do either of the George's in Scottsdale have any affiliation with the George's on Country Club, in Mesa? If not, what's with all the George's ??


Hey it's George. The one in Mesa was started by my father. He sold it 8 years ago tho.



Good question my friend, I though the article was about that location as well.


Thanks for the reviews.  How about a comparison of the two different George's gyros in south Scottsdale.  Been to both, and they're pretty close, but one definitely is better.

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