Parlor Chef Jared Porter Opening Modern Noodle and Dumpling House in Central Phoenix

Chef Jared Porter is going from artisan pizzas to noodles and dumplings with a twist.

The executive chef of the Parlor, the gourmet pizzeria in Central Phoenix owned by father-and-son-team Dan and Aric Mei (the two also also own Nello's in Ahwatukee), is leaving his home of four years on September 1 to start a new venture -- and he's taking his sous chef, Joe Absolor, with him as co-owner and co-chef.

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Called Clever Koi, Porter's new restaurant will open this fall in a remodeled building at 4236 North Central Avenue (next to George & Dragon at Central and Glenrosa).

According to the restaurant's Instagram page, Clever Koi will take "a modern approach on the classic noodle and dumpling house."

Porter's being tight-lipped about the details but promises to have more soon.

Stay tuned.

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Clever Koi

4236 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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This makes me very happy, because the guy is a genius, and sad, because The Parlor won't have the same level of creativity.


"A modern approach on the classic noodle and dumpling house." That sounds too hipster to me, that why they picked the location closest to Lux. I think I'll stick with the traditional noodle and dumpling like China Magic Noodle or  Chou's Kitchen.

Paul Benjamin
Paul Benjamin

Maybe you could think up something a bit more original. HEY, {insert silly and maybe insulting name} YOU'RE GETTIN' A... is getting a lilttle old.

JM Webster
JM Webster

With Chef Jared in charge, expect greatness!


terrible timing.  I just went gluten free for health reasons.  :(  I hope he has RICE flour options!


@iamjohnlazy Avant Garde cuisine would be considered hipster with that kind of thinking lol.  

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