16 Favorite Food Movies and Food-Centric Scenes of Valley Chefs

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Chef Maurice Gordon, The Westin Phoenix Downtown
My favorite food scene from a movie would be from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when Violet eats a piece of candy that tastes like an entire meal and then she swells up like a giant blueberry.

Chris Constantino, Chef and owner, Costantino's Kitchen
The scene in No Reservations where Catherine Zeta Jones beings a raw steak from the kitchen and slams it down on the guest's table with a knife and asks him if it's rare enough for him.

Chef Brian Konefal, Coppa Cafe, Flagstaff
The scene from Tommy Boy where he describes eating bear claws, two at a time!

"I'd better not. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem. I used to grab bear claws as a kid, two at a time, and I'd get them lodged right in this region here."
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Alicia Geier
Alicia Geier

Love Big Night when the finally give in cook the meal for friends w/o Prima, all of Tampopo & Eat Drink Man Woman but CAN NOT believe no mention of the feast in Babettes Feast. Simply marvelous food.


What about you Laura? You're quite the movie connoisseur...what is your favorite.

Rebecca Golden
Rebecca Golden

Seriously I was cracking up, Oh Tommy Boy. Also love the Godfather scene where he's cutting garlic with a razor. Oh the good ole days :) Thanks Laura Hahnefeld for mentioning 32 Shea!

Natalie Morris
Natalie Morris

Yes! Love this. Agree with The Birdcage and Big Night, especially. Those were great movies to study food on film.

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