Chefs, What Are Your Three Favorite Local Products Right Now?

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Whether it's a farmers market find, some local love at the grocery store, or a made-here goodie from a neighborhood food festival, there's no shortage of Arizona-grown products to keep our taste buds happy.

No one knows this better than Valley chefs, many of whom have been leading the charge in helping to bring local products to our tables for years.

What are their top three favorite local products at the moment? Get ready to start shopping -- from produce, cheese, bread, meat, adult libations, and other foodstuffs, these of-the-moment local picks might be your next procurement.

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Chef Matt Taylor,
Market Street Kitchen

Pigs, lamb, and goats from Brad Payne. I've known Brad for years. and it's really cool to see how much he has grown as a purveyor/farmer in the past decade.

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Greg LaPrad,
Chef and Owner, Overland Trout, Sonoita

Farmer's cheese from Rainbow Valley, goose eggs from Two Wash Ranch, and El Campo red wine from Dos Cabezas.

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Chef Ehren Litzenberger
BLD Chandler

Bob McClendon's arugula is amazing. It has the best, most bright peppery flavor. Second is the breakfast sausage from Schreiner's. And lastly, the bacon focaaccia from Bread Crafters. Becky makes the best bread in the East Valley, hands down.

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Gio Osso,
Chef and Owner, Virtu

Prickly pears would have to be one. They grow all over southern Italy, so they remind me of my childhood and I usually get them from my friend's yard. Local peaches from Schnepf Farms have also been amazing the past couple of years. And lastly, goat cheese! Crows Dairy has been making some really interesting stuff that is creative and flavorful.

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i second the shout out for noble breads & mcclendon heirloom tomatoes & arugula

Sheila M. Krueger
Sheila M. Krueger

Congrats John Cavanagh, #NobleBread and #Vovomeena for your mentions!!! Big thumbs up.

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