5 Rosé Wines Under $20

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Rosé wine is a very divisive topic. A recent New York Times article, Rosé: In Demand, but Not Demanding reports, "If you feel the need for a good, strong bath of cynicism, gather a few sommeliers in summer and discuss rosés. They could give teenagers a few lessons in eye-rolling, lip-curling, and other facial displays of exasperation."

It is true: Order rosé with your dinner and you may get a snide look. This year is looking "up" for the wine. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently released a rosé from their estate in France.

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Kate Crowley
La Vielle Ferme is also known at the "chicken wine" due to its distinctive label.
The most identifiable region producing rosé is Provence and most enjoy this wine in the heat of summer. Egg and poultry dishes often pair well with rosé and it should always be served chilled. Very chilled. Frankly, it is easy to drink and affordable. Even The New York Times doesn't recommend a bottle over about $25. With that, we list our five rosé wines under $20.

About $8: La Vielle Ferme
This very dry rosé is also very affordable, making it an excellent hostess gift or perfect to serve at a party. It may be a bit acidic for some, but many are calling this the perfect "weekend wine." This is a very dry rosé, but it consistently receives good reviews.

About $11: Bougrier Rosé d'Anjou
With strong strawberry notes, this crisp wine is not too dry and has a bit more sweetness than some of the others. It pairs well with many foods, is refreshing and is drinkable into the fall.

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Monika Sperke
Monika Sperke

Suggestions for reasonably priced rose wine sources in the Valley? They're still pretty hard to find...

Alicia Geier
Alicia Geier

But too low in price can result in a Kool Aid taste. Rose is mighty tricky.

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