10 Sexiest Food Scenes in Movies (NSFW)

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Varsity Blues, Paramount Pictures, 1999
Every good movie has a memorable scene -- an action scene, a sex scene, or our personal favorite, a food-centric scene. Fewer and far between are the cinematic moments where food porn and soft core porn come together-- in a scene that is sometimes erotic and more often, not. Whether they turn you on or turn your stomach, here are the 10 best food sex scenes in movies.

Lunch, Eggwork Productions, 2000
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1. Lunch

This comical short by Matthew Ehlers made the rounds at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. A disgruntled nine-to-fiver looking for a way out makes his grand exit during the most important meal of the workday, lunch. Featuring edible underwear, body cream, and a whole lot more, this film is definitely worth the four-minute watch.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Even though technically food was not involved, this iconic scene from a rom-com classic makes the list for two reasons. First, Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in a crowded diner is quite possibly the sexiest moment of her career. Second, this public climax has no doubt inspired countless double dog dares among restaurant-goers ever since.

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