Welcome Diner Has a Peanut Butter Burger (Yeah, That's a Thing)

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David Holden

When I started as an intern at New Times, I mentioned at my first Chow Bella meeting that I wanted to write about burgers. Immediately, the room erupted: "He should do a peanut butter burger battle!" Being the new guy, I apprehensively agreed to it, even though I had never heard of a peanut butter burger. Well, thankfully I managed to squirm my way out of that column and landed this bad boy instead.

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But after a few weeks of visiting different burger joints and eating "normal" hamburgers, I decided I wanted to mix it up and try one with peanut butter on it. So, I ventured to Welcome Diner, at Roosevelt and 10th streets, to taste my first-ever peanut butter burger.

Welcome Diner is an old-school diner in Central Phoenix. The place has that pit stop type of feel, and with only nine seats inside, most of the eating is done outside, even in the heat. Along with burgers and fries, Welcome Diner prepares classic Southern eats like fried chicken and biscuits and gravy.

But I wasn't there for the Southern food. I was there for the peanut butter burger, which, along with peanut butter, is served with cheddar cheese, bacon, and pickles.

The Patty: 7.5
Most diner patties are thin, greasy chunks of meat, but not this one. Welcome Diner's patty was much larger than that of your average diner. The meat was juicy and tender, and not at all greasy, as you would expect from a tiny little box of a restaurant. The flavor was strong, and the seasoning a bit too strong. They seemed to overdo it with the pepper a bit but still managed to make a damn tasty burger base.

Location Info

Welcome Diner

924 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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wherewasi topcommenter

Now that you are no longer afraid of strange peanut butter culinary creations, try peanut butter (I prefer creamy for this one), Miracle Whip and lettuce on soft white bread.  Really.  Do it!

My dad made one of these sandwiches for me back in about 1963 and it was a childhood favorite.  I haven't had one for years.  Next time I actually have soft white bread in the house, I'm going to have to take a stroll down memory lane.

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