Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*** (NSFW)

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Thug Kitchen Tumblr
If you thought healthy, plant-based eating was for sissies, Thug Kitchen is here to change your mind. The website offers lots of F-bomb-laden advice to "help your narrow dietary-minded ass explore some fucking options so that you can look and feel like a fucking champ."

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The Tumblr has taken the Internet by storm and recently won Saveur magazine's best new food blog award . And it's deserving, too, since the site offers not just a highly entertaining brand of kitchen attitude, but also some really useful recipes and advice.

For example:

Thug Kitchen


Thug Kitchen

The folk(s) behind Thug Kitchen want to remain anonymous but did agree to an e-mail interview with the Daily Beast. They told the blog that they hope people take away from Thug Kitchen that healthy eating doesn't have to time-consuming or expensive -- "this shit isn't as hard as you think."

There's also a Thug Kitchen cookbook in the works, so, you know, keep an eye out for it. You'll probably want to give it to your mom or grandma or something.

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