NSFW: Man Offers Cronuts™ for Sexual Favors

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Rachel Miller
Yup, we have officially gone too far with the Cronut™ craze. The deep-fried doughnut-croissant hybrids are selling for more than $40 online (that's eight times their retail value), a man delayed their marriage proposal because of them, and the line at Dominic Ansel's bakery is around the corner every morning.

All of which actually sounds pretty normal compared to what one man wants in exchange for his "genuine Dominique Ansel Bakery cronut."

That's right, this industrious guy is asking for BJs in exchange for a $5 pastry. The sad thing is, we wouldn't be that surprised to learn there are women out there who would rather put out than stand in line at 5 a.m.

And if you're not one of those women (good for you!), there's still hope.

Other Craigslisters are offering to deliver them to your door in the morning for $80 a piece -- because they have "professional line waiters to save you time and get you your much deserved cronut."

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