Marco Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco on the Bianco Family and What He Misses About New York

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Lauren Saria
Marco Bianco, in front of the oven at Pane Bianco
This is part two of our interview with Marco Bianco, bread baker at Pizzeria Bianco. Today he's sharing stories about growing up with his brother Chris, one of the biggest names in pizza. If you missed part one, in which Marco gave us the story of Arizona's White Sonora Wheat and the return of heirloom grains, you can read it here.

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As much as Marco Bianco loves baking bread, he says he's not looking to leave the pizzeria and devote himself entirely to the craft. The Bianco restaurants are a family operation, and he says he likes it that way.

"My name's up there, too," he says.

The entire family is an artistically talented bunch. Before Marco moved to Phoenix, he lived in New York and worked with his father at their graphic design studio on 39th and First.

By graphic design, Bianco means creating labels for liquor, beer, and wine. Both his father and mother are artists; you can see his mother Francesca's beautiful recipe art at Trattoria Bianco and his father Leonard's painting hangs on the wall at Pane Bianco. (They met because Francesca's father asked Leonard help get his daughter started in the art world. They were set up on a first date that started with a rendezvous on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral. They've been together ever since.)

The Biancos also have their own brand of organically grown canned tomatoes. Their father drew the tomatoes on the label. Chris and Marco did the lettering.

Lauren Saria
Marco shows off a poster of the label on the Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, designed by the three Bianco men

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One of my absolute favorite people in the Valley! Marco rules....

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