Guy Fieri's Grown Ups 2-Themed Chili. Really.

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From the Grown Ups 2 chili recipe
Because apparently there's no justice in this world, the powers that be have brought together the cast of Grown Ups 2 (a perfect example of why sequels are almost always a horrible idea) and the world's most famous blond goatee, Guy Fieri.

That scary combination resulted in a Grown Ups 2-inspired chili.

It's a real thing. And it's first two ingredients are -- not kidding here, people -- butter and bacon grease.

We're already feeling sick.

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But when you actually pause and think about it, as far as movie-food connections go, this one makes perfect sense. The type of people that can sit through two hours of fart jokes and burned out comedians trying to salvage the last of their careers (sorry, Sandler but you'll never top Happy Gilmore) are exactly the same people who would love a giant bowl of beer-filled chili with a side of "Double Fried French Fries" and Saltines.

The entire cast also appeared on an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives this week, during which Sandler wore an Trollface "U Mad?" T-shirt and the entire cast pilled into Fieri's red Camaro and cruised around town. Oh, and they made meatballs.

If you're into this whole idea (or just want to see the recipe for some David Spade-inspired eats) the full Guy Fieri's "Grown Ups" Chili is below. (Click here to see a larger version.)

Looking it over, you'll see that it's nothing special, making it just as unnecessary as the movie which name it bears.


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Guy's amazing recipe is just called blanching fries where I come from. Some years back i was one of the kitchen managers at Ed Debevics. They couldn't figure out why their fresh cut fries were soggy. We started blanching them first at a lower temperature in a backroom fryer, then voila they came out much better when fried at 350 on the line. Which is why In and Out Burger's fries have the same soggy fate, they don't blanch them. As for Mr. Triple D, maybe his restaurant in NY should just borrow some of the best recipes from joints featured on his show. His own ( or whoever's) stuff ain't quite cutting it. One disagreement I have, Lauren. I think butter and bacon grease is a superb way to start out a recipe. Some onions, garlic, and you're off to the races.

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