Food Network Now Casting for New Grocery-Themed Cooking Reality Show

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Two words for pro cooks and chefs who know what the hell a supermarket is and could use a little extra scratch in their wallets: casting call.

That's right. On the heels of dumping racist butter-slinger Paula Deen, the Food Network is trolling for fresh meat for a yet-to-be-named cooking reality show with the "ultimate supermarket-themed showdown," and a chance for someone to score up to $20,000.

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An excerpt from the call reads as follows:

"We are holding a nationwide search - looking for highly skilled chefs and professional cooks from all backgrounds, any style of cooking is welcome. Whether you cook at a fine dining restaurant or own your own diner, are an executive chef, sous chef, private chef or caterer - if you think you have the chops to make mincemeat out of the competition, you want to apply!

From the producers of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, this new series will put talented chefs and professional cooks to the test in the ultimate supermarket-themed showdown! To navigate the aisles of this high-pressure competition, you're going to need clever cooking solutions and supermarket savvy. From shopping on a budget to substituting out-of-stock ingredients, contestants will have to race against the clock to survive."

You have to wonder if there will be a "wobbly shopping cart wheel" bonus round.

Interested? Email and include your city and state in the subject line of the email. In the body, make sure to include your name, phone number, photo, current occupation, a description of your culinary background, and why you think you have what it takes to win.

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I think it's funny how the "food" network has become a game show network.  I long-ago turned the channel because I'm interested in learning to cook, not becoming a 15-minute celebrity, but I can see how they collect ratings on these programs.  My mother wouldn't be caught dead turning on America's Next Top Model or Storage Wars but she watches every one of these food-related reality/game shows.  She has no interest in the Barefoot Contessa or Tyler Florence actually making fine meals (maybe because if it doesn't go in a microwave, she doesn't eat it).  But give someone a prize for running around like a chicken with their head cut off (and/or making Donald Trump more famous) and she's glued to the TV. 

Alison_ 1 Like

Can't they just bring back Supermarket Sweep?

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