Citizen Public House's R+D in Scottsdale Gives Science Lesson to Bon Appétit Magazine

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Mixologist Richie Moe making a smoked-cherry Manhattan
Like a piece of shiny tin foil covering a piece of frozen store-bought ravioli, on-edge owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company have managed to (negatively) capture the attention of just about the entire world over the past few months -- and in ways that make us want to stick our heads in the desert sand until the whole thing blows over.

So when a legit story about Citizen R+D, the upscale speakeasy Citizen Public House in Scottsdale pops up in a legit food magazine -- in this case, Bon Appétit -- it's like we got the customer's tip instead of Samy. Hooray!

See what Bon Appétit has to say about how R+D is pushing its cocktail concoctions to a whole new level -- and using science to do it.

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Here's an excerpt from the Bon Appétit article:

"Beyond the leather sofas and liquor-themed wallpapers you find the actual bar, which looks like a laboratory: siphon double-boilers, a full array of powdered and liquid chemicals, jars of exotic housemade bitters (like South American maca root) on the shelves. Out of this lab come experimental drinks such as the G+T, where the gin is actually manufactured right at your table. Using a hot plate and a siphon-style double-boiler -- with Absolut vodka in the lower boiler and botanicals (primarily juniper berries) and citrus in the upper -- the vodka is heated enough to infuse it with the juniper and citrus, but no actual alcohol is lost during the 10-minute process. Why go to so much trouble? For fresh aromatics: They're so powerful you get with the the scent of the flavors before the G+T even touches your lips."

Neat, huh? You can read the entire piece here.

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