Brady Breese's 5 Best Salty Dishes in Metro Phoenix

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Tab Sylvester
The countdown to Best of Phoenix is on. Mark your calendar: This year's issue will be on newsstands September 26. What better way to warm up than by asking some local "experts" to list their own personal bests? This week, Brady Breese of Urban Cookies ditches the sugar for the salt, as he shares his favorite savory dishes in town.

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Tab Sylvester
Creamed corn for Brady.
Creamed Corn at Fuego Bistro
It's spicy, it's creamy, it satisfies your need for salty down-home cooking with a kick. This isn't your grandma's creamed corn.

Tab Sylvester
Chips and salsa for lunch? Yes please.
Chips and Salsa at Luncha Libre

One of my favorite "meals" is chips and salsa. But, the chips have to be made from scratch, crunchy, and with just the right amount of salt and the salsa has to be spicy. This food truck delivers every time . . . You can even ask for the "off the menu" jar of salsa to take home.

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La Santisima

1919 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Luncha Libre

, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Fuego Bistro

713 E. Palo Verde Drive, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

, ,


Urban Cookies and Bakeshop

4711 N. Seventh St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Luncha Libre
Luncha Libre

Thanks Gang! You guys and gals are the BEST!!

Carrie Lynn Brown
Carrie Lynn Brown

Better keep an extra batch of salsa on hand for all those jarred salsa requests that will be coming! Congrats on the awesome mention!!

Holly Harmon
Holly Harmon

Hi there. I asked this question before and never got an answer. You've referenced the Best of Phoenix issue in a couple of articles. When are you going to be posting the ballot for Best of?

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