Brad and Kat Moore of Short Leash Hot Dogs on What to Expect at Their Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant and the Best Part About Owning a Food Truck

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Lauren Saria
Brad and Kat Moore outside their new restaurant space on Roosevelt Row
Brad and Kat Moore
Short Leash Hot Dogs and Sit...Stay
110 E. Roosevelt St.

This is part one of our interview with Brad and Kat Moore, owners of the Short Leash Hot Dogs food trucks and Sit...Stay in downtown Phoenix. Today, they dish about their soon-to-open permanent location and about the values that have made them one of the city's most successful food trucks. Come back tomorrow when we discuss what made a banker and an interior designer want to start a mobile hot dog shop -- and which local restaurant inspired their spot-on aesthetic and design.

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JK Grence
Short Leash Bear

The Short Leash Hot Dogs brick-and-mortar location, Sit...Stay -- located off Roosevelt Row -- is set to open Tuesday, July 23. The Moores, as you might expect, are excited -- and just shy of overwhelmed. When we stopped by with just more than two weeks to go, they were still looking at an unpainted space with stacked tables and no chairs. They know -- or at least, they have faith -- that everything will fall into place. But until it does, they'll have their hands more than full. In addition to the permanent space, they also added a second truck. And they say both vehicles are busy.

As far as the Sit...Stay menu goes, the Moores are sticking with what they know works: their well-loved hot dogs, a few carefully selected items from their year doing Sit . . . Stay in the parking lot of Frances, and beer and wine.

Short Leash Moki.JPG
The Moki
The biggest changes will be in the presentation of the hot dogs. At the restaurant, your Aiko (a naan-wrapped dog with mango chutney, diced jalapeños, red onions, fresh cilantro, and mayo) will come with a side of chips to make it a more complete meal. And the nosh plates and other dishes they've been rotating and testing at Friday night Sit . . . Stay events will be tweaked slightly to become either more conventional appetizers or meals.

The couple says they combed through a year's worth of specials, picking out the most popular ones to put on the new menu. In more ways than one, that Friday night dinner service was the thing that made them confident a move to a brick-and-mortar space would work.

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Short Leash Hot Dogs

110 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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Short Leash Sit...Stay

110 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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