Bink's Very Special Bacon-Infused Burger

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David Holden

Just four months ago Bink's Midtown didn't exist. The cozy bistro at 24th street and Osborn used to be the French Sophie's Bistro, but after James Beard Award Finalist Kevin Binkley bought the central Phoenix location, the restaurant has turned from serving French to American cuisine.

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Unlike Binkley's high-end, original spot, Binkley's restaurant, Bink's offers a less sophisticated, yet no less enjoyable atmosphere. As always when it comes to Kevin Binkley, there's a strong emphasis on the creative use of local produce.

While fruits and vegetables can be tasty and such, I didn't come to Bink's for green beans; I came, as I usually do, for the burger. Specifically here, the bacon burger.

Bink's bacon burger is served with some sharp cheddar cheese, spicy pickles, lettuce, and a smoked caramelized onion mayo.

The Patty: 9
If it's a bacon burger, why is there no mention of bacon on the toppings? Because the bacon is GROUND right into the beef. While most restaurants will just throw a few strips of bacon on top, this burger creates the ultimate experience for bacon-lovers. Bink's has the audacious creativity to combine bacon with ground chuck to form an explosion of tender and savory flavors. The bacon is swirled throughout the beef, giving the patty a hint of crunchy texture. The patty, flavored with a variety of spices, was a little small, but I suppose you can't win 'em all.

Location Info

Bink's Midtown

2320 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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PegnBob Briggs
PegnBob Briggs

Doesn't Justin Beckett at Beckett's Table already do this?

Zuni Chef
Zuni Chef

Wow a chef in AZ is finally catching up with the times.....too bad you're five years too late #seattle #houston


Beautiful photo!  Just one question....where's the beef?

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