The Secrets to Making an Awesome Piña Colada

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JK Grence
One can hardly discuss frozen drinks without bringing up one of the best-known items in the category, the piña colada. A trip to the Caribbean wouldn't be complete without one. It's so popular in its birthplace, Puerto Rico, that it was named the country's official drink in 1978.

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I don't know about you, but I've almost given up on piña coladas in bars. Nobody makes a good one. They inevitably taste like suntan lotion instead of a drink. To make matters worse, they're usually so light on rum I can't tell whether the bartender made mine with alcohol or not. Thankfully, I'm here to save the day.


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Thank you! I just whipped up a double batch and it certainly is the best pina colada I've ever had and my ingredients still weren't right! My Kroger only had coconut milk so instead of cream of coconut I skimmed off some thick cream from the can and then added sugar. I didn't have heavy cream so I used half and half and for the juice I opened a can of generic pineapple and poured up the juice. Even with all of my substitutions it was still FAR better than any pina colada I've ordered at the bar.

(Note- I also made the batch sans ice and stuck it in the deep freezer for an hour. When ready I poured in just a small bit of ice and blended. It came out reallllly fluffy and there were no ice chips, at all. It's like drinking a little bit of heaven)


Mostly good advice. I bartended at Trader Vic's back in the day.  For a special Pina Colada we floated a dash of Myers Dark rum on top.  Hits the nose of the drinker without damaging our bar costs and got us better tips. And we actually put the Pina Colada in a cored pineapple   (We had a corer tool)  We would sneak a few pineapples out of the kitchen so that the bar did not get charged.  Great for tips. 


That's a great quick and dirty way to make cream of coconut, thank you!

I forgot to mention, Coco López will be in the alcohol section next to the grenadine and mixers. Like I said, if you're buying it at the store, the ONLY brand worth buying is Coco López. They're not paying me to say that, it's just true.


@alhikesaz Would you believe I cut my teeth behind the stick at the Trader Vic's over at the Valley Ho? I was a little surprised to learn that heavy cream was involved in the original version. My pineapple corer is my favorite kitchen unitasker, specifically because I get to have a drink out of a pineapple when I use it.


@Warren Klofkorn More for me, I suppose!

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