Second Arizona Portillo's On Its Way to Tempe Marketplace

It seems like only yesterday (okay, it was February) when Portillo's, the Illinois restaurant chain beloved by Chicago transplants throughout the Valley, first brought its Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, hamburgers, and cake shakes to Scottsdale.

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Its arrival was so eagerly awaited, in fact, that folks were waiting in line for up to 45 minutes on grand opening day.

Get ready, Tempe. You're next.

Rendering of the new Portillo's at Tempe Marketplace
A representative for Portillo's tells me the Tempe Marketplace location will open in late August and that the new building, currently under construction, is being built from the ground up.

Like all Portillo's restaurants, the Tempe location will be filled with vintage memorabilia reflecting founder Dick Portillo's love of history -- especially Chicago history.

Portillo's is currently hiring for its Tempe location. Applicants can apply in person at the hiring center located at the northeast corner of Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Drive from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Or, simply drop off a completed application at the on-site mailbox.

The privately held, 50-year-old Portillo's, based in Illinois, has locations throughout the Chicago metropolitan area as well as one in Indiana, two in southern California, and (soon) two in Arizona.

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Tempe Marketplace

2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ

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The location is's going to create a total clusterf*** at that intersection.  Of course, whoever designed the parking lot at Tempe Marketplace was clearly drunk, so it's in keeping with the general theme.


Two on the east side. and a big FU to the west side of town.


Do you ever wonder why there are so many Chicago and Illinois transplants here?  I mean, does Chicago and Illinois suck so bad that no one wants to live there?  And if it sucks so bad that they don't want to live there, why do they insist on holding on to those small vestiges of the place they couldn't wait to leave? 


Does this mean Taylor Street is on death watch?  :-(


@JohnQ.Public They get tired of a lifetime of winter. It's not that complicated. Chicago and New York have some wonderful elements and benefits and fantastic culture, but people get tired of the cold. We get Chitown's transplants, and Florida gets New York's. (Though, who would ever want to move to the wretched swamp that is Florida, I fail to understand.)

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