Chefs, What's the Most Interesting Thing You've Made on a Grill?

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Guido Saccone,
Chef and Partner, Cibo

I did some marinated baby octopus on a spiedini (skewer) the other day that was delicious on the grill. I also like to grill fruit, like peaches and pineapple, when they are in season. And, of course, pizza.

Chef Chris Knouse,
The Wigwam

I've made a grilled Five Alive knock-off. Five Alive is a citrus drink made by Minute Maid, now only widely available for purchase in Canada and the UK. It contains orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and lime. I cut the fruit in half, grill it flesh side down, then juice it. Grilling it adds a nice smokiness to the drink.

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Aaron Eckburg,
Owner, Go Lb. Salt

Bacon-wrapped basil banana bites, Hachiya persimmons, and Asian pears on Himalayan salt blocks. My dry-aged beef is pretty killer, too.

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Chef Ben Mulé,
Hidden Meadow Ranch (Greer)

Utilizing the grill for smoking purposes is one of my favorite methods of cooking. I place a small box filled with fruit wood over the top of the grate, fill it with the freshest fish available, and smoke away. Serving it warm for service or chilling the product for a cold dish later are great options.

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Kristin Heggli
Kristin Heggli

I love Bernie Kantak's description of halloumi - "It tastes like feta and mozzarella's bastard love child."

Eric Schaefer
Eric Schaefer

Isn't "Grilling Halloumi" the name of a band?

Susie Timm
Susie Timm

yes, yes you do. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

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