Crow's Dairy Now Selling Raw Goat Milk: Here's Where You Can Get It

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There are strong arguments in favor of both raw milk and goat milk. Unlike pasteurized milk (the kind you get at the grocery store) raw milk contains lots of good bacteria, enzymes, and vitamins. It supports local farmers and is easier to digest. The same goes for goat milk, which is also said to soothe the body's digestive tract and lowers the body's pH levels.

And lucky for Arizonans, we live in one of ten states in which retail sales of raw milk is legal. So where can you get your hands on a bottle or two of all-natural, living raw goats milk? As of last week, one answer is at Crow's Dairy in Buckeye.

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The Crow Family has been supplying milk to the Valley since 1969, originally raising Holstein dairy cows and in 2008, switching to Nubian dairy goats. They say they've been getting lots of inquiries about raw milk and this year, they decided to deliver and will now off both raw and vat-pasteurized goat milk.

As of June 19 the family-operated dairy farm completed state requirements and was approved to sell raw milk. Arizona is one of a handful of states with legal retail sales of raw milk, though the product must be labeled with a warning.

Crow's Dairy products are available for purchase at a variety of locations around the Valley (including Pane Bianco, Tom's Thumb Fresh Market, Luci's Healthy Marketplace and Bodega) and you can find their raw goat milk, in addition to their other products, at these locations:

For guidelines, suggestions and more information about raw milk visit the Crow's Dairy website.

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