Cronuts: Chow Bella Shows You How to Fry Up the Latest Pastry Fad

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Rachel Miller
A homemade cronut.
Is it a fad or here to stay? In the month since they debuted in a New York City bakery, cronuts have established their own black-market. The LA Times issued an open letter to their local pastry chefs to help relieve the city of "cronut fever envy."

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Despite a pending trademark by cronut mastermind Dominique Ansel, whose Soho bakery is the site where the original was created and is baked every day, copycats have been popping up across the world under names like Doissant, Kronut, Doughsánts Croughnuts, and the literal Croissant Doughnut.

As the cronut makes cameos under assumed names in bakeries everywhere, I've been wondering how hard and what combination these cronuts are made of. Do I use doughnut dough and laminate butter into it? Danish dough with lamination? Or straight up croissant dough?

I chose croissant dough, despite the fact that Ansel's dough is a combination of doughnut and croissant dough. Ansel's croissant process takes 3 days, and so does my croissant dough.

Day 1: Make the croissant dough. Croissant dough is considered relatively lean dough, despite the use of whole milk. It is not enriched dough, like brioche in that it does not have the addition of eggs or butter in the actual dough. When finished, the croissant dough is placed on a sheet pan in the refrigerator to relax and chill overnight.

Rachel Miller
Laminating croissant dough.

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