3 Summer Dips for Chips Give Plain Old Hummus Some Competition

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Andy Broder
Butter Bean Hummus - on Whole Wheat Naan

In the grocery store I was tempted by a sea of hummus, tubs of every size, tinted by all sorts of extras, demanding way too many dip-related decisions. Then it occurred to me that I had a can of garbanzos in my pantry and I could make my own hummus. When I got home and looked for the garbanzos I came across a shiny-topped can of butter beans and, shiny objects being a source of attraction, my attention was diverted. I made Butter Bean Hummus and it was good.

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On the second day I pulled a package of Melissa's pre-cooked lentils out of the fridge and made yet another hummus-inspired dip. On the third day, being on a roll of sorts, I made a hummus-like dip with corn. On the fourth day (my stamina being very un-godlike) I rested.

Andy Broder
Ingredients For the Three Hummus Recipes
Hummus is actually the Arabic word for chickpeas, so calling dips made of other pureed legumes hummus is a bit of a misnomer. On the other hand "Butter Bean Hummus" has a culinary ring to it while "Butter Bean Dip" falls rather flat as a recipe moniker. If you can't find butter beans you can substitute cannellini beans. I put the butter beans into a food processor with some chopped marinated pepperoncini peppers, diced onion, a dollop of tahini, and a splash of olive oil. I thinned the mixture with a few extra teaspoons of olive oil and a little water. I had some store-bought naan in the freezer. Toasted and cut into strips it made the perfect scoop.

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