Kicking Off "Burger Summer" with the Bacon Cheeseburger at Windsor

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Editor's Note: When we asked our summer interns to tell us what they wanted to cover this summer for Chow Bella, David Holden didn't hesitate. "I really like burgers," he said. Okay, David. Game on. All summer long, Holden will sample burgers from around the Valley in search of the very best one. Have a suggestion for one he should try? Leave it in the comments section.

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As far as I'm concerned, a burger is much more than a piece of meat, it is an experience. There are several different factors that go into making tasty burgers.

The Patty
The patty is the meat of the burger. Without the patty there is no burger and if the meat tastes like the rear end of a cow then the burger is ruined. Chefs also need ensure that the burger is cooked to perfection. I prefer my burgers prepared medium-to-medium rare. Burgers should be filling and size does matter.

The toppings make the burger special. Toppings do not necessarily have to be innovative; though, a little creativity does go a long way. Without the toppings a regular burger can do the job, but won't wow the taste buds. As Friends' Chandler Bing says, "the cushions are the essence of the chair," just as the toppings are the "essence" of the burger.

Like I said above, eating a burger is an experience. The sides should complement the burger. To me, a burger and French fries are the dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin. Every once in a while, the duo has a falling out and some onion rings or sweet potato fries must fill the void. I know, it's a tough life.

The bun can add a lot to a burger. A bun can be very tasty and allows for some chefs to become quite creative with the burger. Nevertheless, the most important, and underrated, quality of a bun is its ability to hold the burger together. If a bun cannot hold a burger together, than the sauce gets everywhere, the burger starts to fall apart and eating a burger has suddenly turned into a shit show.

This is the value you get from the burger. Some burgers are way too expensive, but occasionally you can hit the jackpot with a low price, and that makes the burger taste so much better.

Now, the actual grading can begin. I ventured to Central Phoenix to taste the bacon cheeseburger at Windsor.

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5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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The Attic - Hangover Burger (previous location of Caves & Ives)

Rod Williams
Rod Williams

Pig flesh, cow flesh and boiled cows milk. Whoa...


The Onion strikes again.


Yikes!  Where's an editor when you need one?  I understand the author is an intern, but this writing is incredibly juvenile.  "Without the patty there is no burger"?  "more important, the burger was more than adequate in size"?  Isn't this a taste test?  Apparently the fries were "pretty average" and "decent" and "added little to the burger eating experience," which is saying the same thing three times.  Also, the burger scored a 8 average but the photo makes it look like a 3.  If you're going to give the intern some responsibility, please give him an editor too.


"The patty is the meat of the burger" and "the meat was surprisingly the best part of the burger."  You're a fucking idiot, and even if I ignore the mostly idiotic things you have to say, you write very poorly.  Please, please, please do not produce more of these articles.

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