Welcome Diner: A Phoenix Roadside Stop by Way of New Orleans

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Laura Hahnefeld
Fried chicken biscuit sandwich with cheddar, bacon, and gravy.
The Welcome Diner, the tiny, hip 200-square-foot eatery at 10th and Roosevelt streets in Phoenix, has returned.

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And thanks to former Old Dixie's food truck owners Michael Babcock and Jenn Robinson, the place is packing some serious Southern eats along with the burgers and fries.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"Consider the heavenly buttermilk biscuit sandwiches, which are not so much sandwiches as they are near-toppling heaps of meat and bread oozing with cheese, dripping with sauce or gravy, and massive enough to give you pause as how to best consume them. A knife and fork is an option or, for the more daring, the hands, which will stretch and maneuver to control the biscuit-based beast before it inevitably explodes into a delicious mess you'll want to finish off with utensils anyway. In either case, finding the bottom of the paper plate (and going home full) is a given."

Hungry for more? Read my full review of Welcome Diner here.

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Welcome Diner

924 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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