Have You Seen PETA's Newest Animal Sex Ad to Recruit Vegans? (NSFW)

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Still from PETA ad
This isn't the first time PETA has gotten sexy to try to persuade people to give up meat or fur or whatever else they want to deprive people of. But its newest ad, created for a PETA Europe campaign, isn't even trying to be subtle with its graphic imagery of animals, ahem, getting it on.

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Exactly how humping rabbits relates to going vegan we're not entirely sure, but the slogan, "Do it like they do," is supposed to encourage people to go vegan because eating a plant-based diet will make you as horny as a rhino in heat.

According to a PETA press release, the benefits of a vegan diet include "a body that functions better -- including in the bedroom."

Though the organization says there's scientific evidence to back the claim, there still is debate about whether it's true. Though vegetarians and vegans have lower rates of cardiovascular disease, which is associated with sexual dysfunction in both men and women, vegetarianism also can lead to zinc deficiencies, which is associated with lower levels of testosterone and decreased sex drive.

The ad comes about six months after PETA UK released "Stay Firm and Fresh," another sexy ad that involves a bunch of guys packing vegetable renditions of their manly bits. If you want to check that out, the videos below.

We always thought health-conscious types would be more into chastity than such blatant displays of sex, but apparently the vegan crowd loves to get freaky. That would also explain the success of vegan stip clubs in Portland, Oregon.

And, yes, that's vegan strip clubs, as in plural.

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We love to get frisky because the vegan diet makes us feel so damn good. These ads are hilarious.

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