10 Things in New York City the Phoenix Food Scene Will Never Have

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Crocodile Lounge
All day, every day.

Bars with Free Pizza
You don't need to have visited New York to know it's the country's pizza capital (sorry, Chicago, but thin crust is the overall American favorite). And yes, it's true that you can get a large slice (think Sbarro sizes) for $1 at countless cheap joints around town. But what outsiders probably don't know is that there are bars with free pizza, namely Crocodile Lounge and Alligator Lounge. Buy a drink, get a ticket for a personal-size pizza. An extra buck or two will buy you toppings. And you might think free pizza must be totally disgusting, but it's edible enough even when sober. The crust is even pretty good, a little crunchy, a little chewy. Oh, and did we mention bars stay open until 4 a.m. in NYC?

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Short Leash Dogs

, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

La Tolteca

1205 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Cowboy Ciao Wine Bar & Grill

7133 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

St. Francis

111 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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In New York City, one can basically find a restaurant that serves any food from all over the Earth. No one else on Earth, except for maybe London can compare to New York City. Not only that, one can get most any food they want anytime they want.

Phoenix is a huge city, but does not have near the total global diversity New York City has.


@JohnQ.Public Of course there are negatives, but this list was about positives in the NYC food scene. Thank you for your comments, though, as you made some great points (particularly #1). But one issue is definitely moot: over-priced food in bodegas. They're more like convenience stores, where ice cream is often $6 a pint.

And, while I can't judge this objectively, I don't think anything in this list can be called "incessant whining." As a food writer, of course I indulge in perusing menus for hours (even when I'm not planning to eat), hunting for restaurants I've overlooked, and prolonging the decision-making process to daydream about the possibilities. I had the exact same habit in downtown Phoenix only I already knew all of my options and had to drive 10–20 minutes to pick up the food. So, whining aside, NYC still wins that one by a long shot.

Since I'm already remarking on your personal comments (and since you apparently care way too much about my personal life), you might care to know I order food maybe twice/month. I freely admit that I hardly cook for myself, but hey, I bake from scratch all the time. Plus, I'm an aerial acrobat, so I'm pretty sure I can be lazy whenever the hell I want.


@dominiquechatterjee I am so sorry.  I didn't realize that you were an aerial acrobat.  Now that I know, I realize that your judgment is beyond reproach and I understand that I had no business questioning you in the first place.  Please, feel free to denigrate my town all you want, as an aerial acrobat you're opinion is indeed correct - New York is awesome*infinity and Phoenix is the shit you scrape from your shoe.  I'm deleting my original post because, being that you're an aerial acrobat, I obviously had no business posting it in the first place.  Please accept my most humblest apologies.


 @JohnQ.Public Wow, someone really loves jumping to extremes, huh? Denigrate Phoenix? I pointed out several of my favorite restaurants there and have written many positive things in the past about others. The point was never to say that Phoenix has nothing of culinary note, just that by comparison to other cities, like NYC, the food scene is very small. That gives Phoenix lots of opportunity to expand and be experimental, so it's not entirely a bad thing. But it is true.

And of course being an aerial acrobat is relevant when you call me lazy (which you did, deleted or not). To the rest of the conversation, that obviously means nothing. But you're the one making it personal, so sure, I'll toss out some facts about me to counter your random insults that have zero basis.

You know, I've enjoyed some of your comments on Chow Bella in the past, which is why I originally replied, but there's no reason to take this discussion beyond the topic at hand. I'm not insulting you, or Phoenix, or anything else. Your petulant responses say much more about you than they do about me.

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