Two New Turbo Breakfasts: McDonald's Egg White Delight, and Carl's Jr. Biscuit Sandwiches

JK Grence
McDonald's new Egg White Delight McMuffin
The Guilty Pleasures: Two new fast food breakfast sandwiches.
Where to Get Them: McDonald's and Carl's Jr., locations Valleywide
Price: Less than $2.50 each.
What It Really Costs: It depends where you go.

Ever since McDonald's introduced the Egg McMuffin in 1972, the fast-food breakfast has become big business. McDonald's has long been the dominant force, with everyone else trying to stake some sort of foothold, or just try to catch up to the Golden Arches juggernaut.

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McDonald's has the tricky position of maintaining their massive market share. Lately, the public has been clamoring for some kind of healthier options. Never mind that when most people go for fast food, eating healthy is usually the last thing on their minds. In response, McDonald's has lightened up their breakfast menu with the Egg White Delight.

The idea of the Egg White Delight is pretty simple: Take the standard bearer Egg McMuffin, replace the fried egg with egg whites, and the American cheese with (pasteurized processed) white cheddar cheese. It's such a simple idea, I'm almost amazed they hadn't thought of it sooner.

After suffering through numerous dry, rubbery, flavorless egg white omelets at restaurants everywhere, the Egg White Delight* is the first egg-white-based breakfast I've had that's actually worth eating. It's missing the richness of the yolk, but it's otherwise indistinguishable from the standard Egg McMuffin to the point I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference if I ate them blindfolded.

The Egg McMuffin was already a reasonably good breakfast choice at only 300 calories. The Egg White Delight knocks off 50; at 250 calories each, you can have two of them and it's still an almost virtuous breakfast option. Or, you can substitute egg whites on any other breakfast sandwich. Considering the weird spongy texture of the square egg that comes on the biscuits and McGriddles, the substitution is a no-brainer.

And now, on to little ol' Carl's Jr.

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