Kelly Fletcher of House of Tricks on Thomas Keller, Chris Bianco, and What They'll Say About Him When He's Dead and Gone

Name two local dishes you love to eat: The daeji bulgogi at Hodori is one of my go-tos; I could eat there every day. The sausage pizza at Classic Italian Pizza is a big love for me. I can't wait for Azhar [Began] to reopen. I miss his pizza so much.

Last meal on Earth: There would be a large banquet table set up in the center of the Maison Joseph Drouhin vineyard. Lots of family and friends gathered to the table with copious amounts of wine. Foie gras would be eaten while a lamb slowly spun on a rotisserie. When the time came, we would move the lamb to the center of the table and eat until we could smell lamb and foie gras coming from our pores.

What should be written on your headstone?: "Here lies, to no surprise, the body of Chef Fletcher / Wine and foie were his demise, he couldn't have left any better."

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