Kelly Fletcher of House of Tricks on Thomas Keller, Chris Bianco, and What They'll Say About Him When He's Dead and Gone

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Where do you get inspiration for new dishes?: It's usually a late-night, pen-and-paper, bottle-of-wine thing. Sometimes I'll just start writing, and when I wake up I'll go back to the notebook and see what's written. That's when I look at what's on the page and say "that's great, that's terrible, this can be reworked into something cool."

What kind of person/personality does it take to be a chef?: A person who doesn't like sleep or having a family. You have to make a lot of sacrifices in your personal life for the love of what you do.

Advice you'd give an aspiring chef: Pay very close attention; listen to everybody around you. There isn't a person that you can't learn from in a kitchen.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: My mother would always make a big pot of chili and serve it with peanut butter sandwiches. We would all get bowls of chili and dip the sandwiches in the chili. I actually serve this at Tricks sometimes. It surprises people how good it is.

Favorite thing to eat now: I love sushi. I could actually eat sushi every day, to the point of draining my bank account.

Your guilty pleasure: Root beer. I love micro-brewed, small-batch root beers.

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