Kelly Fletcher of House of Tricks on Lori Hashimoto, the Boys at Citizen, and the Next Big Thing

Two or three favorite local restaurants:

1. Hana Japanese. Lori Hashimoto is an amazing chef and an even more amazing person. You can actually taste the love in what she's doing.

2. Posh. Nobody is doing what Josh Hebert does. He's so far outside the box and such a great risk taker. He really brings a lot to the Valley dining scene.

3. Citizen Public House. These guys are like my brothers. Richie [Moe], Bernie [Kantak] , and Andrew [Fritz] bring an incredible dynamic to every aspect of life. They're smart, cutting edge, passionate, and thoughtful. Every time I talk to these guys, I feel like I walk away having learned something new.

Best meal you've had in the last year: I'm going to give this one to Lori Hashimoto at Hana Japanese. She brings the most complete, sexy, perfectly executed experience I can say that I've had. Her ankimo is the absolute best thing you'll ever eat. The first time that I dined there, she just kept sending out plates of amazing seafood. The softest abalone, the most incredible uni. It's the kind of experience that makes you leave frustrated because you wish that you could do what she does. I love that lady; she transcends flavors.

What's the next big thing on the food scene?: I think you're going to see "Cronuts" explode at any moment now. It's croissant donuts, exactly what we all need.

What finally seems to be going away?: I don't think that the cupcake craze is going to stay afloat much longer, but I'm not saying that I want it to go.

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