Jeremy Pacheco of Lon's on His Guilty Pleasure and an Embarrassing Moment in the Kitchen

Pacheco in the garden behind Lon's
This is part two of my interview with Jeremy Pacheco, executive chef of Lon's and the Hermosa Inn. If you missed part one, where Pacheco dished about Nobuo, craft beer and Pig & Pickle, read it here.

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Something always found in your kitchen: Kosher salt, good peppercorns, olive oil, and good balsamic.

Something always found in your fridge: Cheese.

Squash blossoms and shishito peppers
You're relaxing on a night off. What are you drinking and eating?: After a long day/week of work, I love a great craft beer. My wife and I love to have wine-and-cheese night when we get time to ourselves -- a good Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot, a few different cheeses, some prosciutto, and we're all set.

And what are you listening to or watching?:
I'm addicted to the Black Keys right now and usually try to catch up on some of the shows on my DVR. Very into Grimm.

Describe the menu at Lon's: Fresh, simple, flavorful, well-prepared, imaginative, and local whenever possible.

What's great about the American food scene right now?: The focus on local product, the explosion of farmer's markets and consumers starting to notice a difference in high quality, fresh product.

National/international chef you admire: There are many, but Daniel Boulud is at the top of the list. He's created a successful empire with so many different concepts, and look at how many successful and talented chefs have gone through his kitchens.

Where do you get inspiration for new dishes?: I'm inspired by what's in season from our local producers, reading cookbooks, and, as I mentioned, Art Culinaire helps with some ideas.

Location Info

Lon's at the Hermosa

5532 N. Palo Cristi Road, Paradise Valley, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Hermosa Inn

5532 N. Palo Christi Road, Paradise Valley, AZ

Category: General

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JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Some of the very, very best meals that I've eaten in the Valley were at Lon's.

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