Guerrero's, Tempe's 31-Year-Old Family-Owned Mexican Restaurant, Set to Close This Fall

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It's the end of an era for Norma and Victor Guerrero.

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The husband-and-wife team behind Guerrero's Mexican Food, 2148 East Apache Boulevard in Tempe, have decided to retire and close the business they started in July 1982.

Norma Guerrero with Mother's Day flowers.
Specializing in affordable, homemade Mexican food, the small and unpretentious counter service eatery, popular with the neighborhood's locals, is known for dishes like breakfast burritos, flautas, tacos, chimichangas, and Sonoran-style enchiladas.

"We're going to miss our customers the most," Norma says.

Norma tells me she and her husband are in the process of selling the property, which she says will be razed to make way for an apartment complex. And although there is not a confirmed date of when the restaurant will officially close, Norma says she and her husband will continue to run the business at least until June 30, when they will know more.

"We don't expect to be here in October," she says.

After working at their restaurant for over three decades, Norma tells me she and her husband are looking forward to retirement. She says the two of them plan to spend more time with their children and grandchildren in addition helping out with their church.

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Guerrero's Mexican Food - CLOSED

2148 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ

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David Burks
David Burks

Sad to hear. You will be sorely missed.

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

gotta make room for the DREAMers, so fuck off, puro la raza!

Maggie Pena
Maggie Pena

not this particular article, but yes, I know the scoop. Been going there for approx 29 years, ever since we moved to the area in 1983, and I am very happy for them.......It was a good run. :) The only sad part is that it is such a Tempe original, that will be not there anymore. :(

Dave Barba
Dave Barba

Maggie Pena, did you ser thus article?


More apartments in Tempe. Which developer is behind this? Who is the development attorney pushing this one?

Jason N. Minos
Jason N. Minos

Shit, always wanted to try this place, better go before it's gone.


@yallcomebacknow I don't care why they want to retire. I want to know who the developer is and the attorney. What don't you understand about that, Jethro?

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