Five Guys Offers Gluten-Free Happiness for the Not-So-Health Conscious

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Judy Nichols
My perfect burger, sans bun, from Five Guys was a gluten-free delight.

It's an interesting phenomenon when you tell people you are a gluten-free eater. Most of them think it's a choice, and that you're a "healthy" eater, focused on nutrition. They picture greens, nuts and berries.

Well ... not necessarily.

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Trust me, you can find a lot of stuff that's gluten-free, but full of sugar, fat and other not-so-healthy ingredients. Even the shelves of the health-food stores are filled with gluten-free cookies, cakes and cheese-laden rice bowls. I've tried a lot of them.

So just because I have to eat gluten-free, doesn't mean I'm always eating "healthy."

Sometimes you just crave a burger and fries. But most burger places aren't equipped to deal with the no-bun issue, and I usually just skip the whole thing.

A new friend who truly does eat healthy, recently shared with me that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is her go-to gluten-free destination when she "goes off the rails." The only thing in the place with gluten is the bun, and they'll happily serve you a burger without it. The fries are gluten-free and fabulous.

I tried Five Guys once, after President Obama bought burgers for his staff there, but that was pre-gluten-free, and I hadn't really thought about it since. So after my new friend mentioned it, it percolated in my burger-deprived mind, and last weekend, ironically after walking for an hour on the elliptical at the gym, my son and I headed for its doors.

There was a long line, even at 8 p.m., so we enjoyed the unmistakable aroma of ground beef searing on the grill and shelled and munched the peanuts provided while you wait.

I ordered my burger extra-well-done because I like some crispness on the edges. And I told the man taking our order that I would like it without the bun. Without skipping a beat, he asked if I would like it wrapped in lettuce, or served in a bowl. I chose lettuce.

Then, the remarkable happened.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2641 N. 44th St., Phoenix, AZ

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The gloves question shows that someone at the corporate office is really paying attention to the marketpalce and that they do a great job of training.  If only companies would learn that often it only takes a very, very small gesture to endear themselves to their customers and create trememdous brand loyalty.


I understand people have food allergies, but then you went ahead and got your aspartame fix?  Are you worried of dying from a natural compound such as gluten but not worried of dying from a much more hazardous artificial chemical that was banned until 1981 in the US and is banned in various countries to this day.  You should switch to drinking Zevia or water (I'm just looking out for you).  Take care.


@FROGLEGZ  Uh, note the title…"NOT so Health Conscious."  Also, btw, celiac disease is not a food allergy.  Common misconception these days.


@FROGLEGZ  Celiac disease is NOT a food allergy.  Give the girl a break.  If you knew the struggles of having to deal with a MEDICALLY needed gluten free diet, an artificial sweetened cola every now and then is the least of her concerns.  Enjoy your gf Five Guys and diet coke!  

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