First Horse Slaughterhouse in the United States to Open Soon

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Not so long ago, it was perfectly legal to slaughter horses for meat in the U.S.

Is it again? In 2006 lawmakers eliminated federal funding for the inspection of horse meat processing facilities (read: slaughterhouses), effectively making horse meat production illegal in the states. But then in 2011, Congress passed legislation that didn't include language against the practice and recently President Obama authorized an agriculture spending measure that also didn't forbid USDA from conducting horse meat inspections.

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And because we're capitalists (and because, apparently, there's an argument that we need to slaughter horses) there's already a horse meat processing plant poised to open in New Mexico. Advocates estimate the $62 million-a-year slaughter industry could be back in action within the next few months. The New Mexico plant would be the first horse slaughterhouse to operate in the country in more than six years.

Valley Meat Company, located in southern New Mexico, has been fighting for the ability to open since Congress lifted the ban in 2011. They say the USDA ignored their application for years because of emotional/political reasons but according to reports, the USDA finally re-inspected the plant last week.

"It will open unless Congress restores the ban on horse slaughter that they had in place," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the Huffington Post earlier this week. "If that doesn't happen, then we are duty-bound to do what needs to be done to allow that plant to begin processing."

There's been a shitstorm of drama around horse meat legality and recently U.S. Rep. Jim Moran wrote a letter to Vilsack asking the USDA to deny applications for horse processing plant inspections. Earlier Moran introduced legislation that would have reduced USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service funding and taken away funding for horse meat plant inspections. That legislation didn't make it into the recently-passed appropriations bill.

Horse advocates say the animals often experience horrible conditions while being transported to the slaughtering facilities and that the meat can sometimes contain drugs not fit for human consumptions. Not to mention that it's super creepy it is to eat animals commonly viewed as pets.

Those in favor of lifting the ban point to statistics that show a rise in horse abuse and neglect since the ban was instated in 2006. They also say more than a hundred thousand horses a year are exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, depriving the U.S. of business and jobs.

This, of course, comes just on the heels of horse meat scandals in Europe, raising questions of whether or not Americans would ever eat horse meat. Valley Meat Co. says it had no intention of selling the meat in the U.S., rather they will ship the meat to other countries where horses are already eaten.

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Pro Slaughter always says ALL the abandoned and abused horses since we closed slaughter but they forget intentionally  say we HAVE HAD SLAUGHTER more horses where shipped last year than ever before ( where are ALL those horses thousands of horses) facts show us, they can't cause it is NOT TRUE!!!

A lot of horses are indeed dropped off by yes slaughter kill buyers in the west because the slaughter houses won't take them, it is all PROFIT and DEMAND, period they don' give a SH-T about the horses or the people, all of slaughter is for money for the monetary few, while our tax money is going to fund these many times Foreign companies that WE PAY FOR, when American's don't eat that, and for good reason.. 

If by chance some people don't believe the risk in eating horse meat you should honestly do some more research on it because it is NOT GOOD for HUMANS to eat, not even dogs for god sake that's why company's don't take it anymore for dog food....  PLEASE research this educate yourself, don't fall for all the BULLSH-T Pro Slaughter is saying which by the way they have NO DOCUMENTATION on anything to back them up...

AQHA Reg. 150,000 foals last year, and 70% of the horse going to slaughter are YES indeed Quarter horses, this is big business folks for many Breeders a quick and easy way to dispose of horses not valued anymore....

Slaughter creates the problem that pro slaughter claims to solve, it allows over breeding, with NO accountability to anyone, just throw them away to a torturous death...

WE ALL as a country can stop all of this corruption, yes a lot of us love horses BUT that is not the underlined reason it is the tainted meat, inhumane killing, corruption, environmental issue, small town crimes where they are I mean I could go on and on...

Please care about this issue for once lets stop it (we have had slaughter here or there for what 20 30 years do you think it is working??) 



It would really be nice of so-called Journalists would do a little research before printing this junk. There are at least two lawsuits pending which will have to be heard before this place can even think about opening. 

Then, there is the problem of finding a market. Sure won't be in the US. Or the EU since the European Union has removed the US from the list of countries authorized to export horse meat to the EU. Since the EU controls the international horse meat market, without access to them, everything else is pretty well cut off.  Where you gonna sell this crap, De Los Santos? Unless Congress act before then, the EU will stop even accepting the live shipped horses we send to Mexico and Canada. I can't wait!


Pass the Seabiscuit & gravy, please.  

JohnQ.Public topcommenter 1 Like

Well, since passing horse meat off as cow meat has gone over so well in Europe over the past 12 months, I don't see what could possible go wrong.


@JohnQ.Public Right! I know one thing for sure - if horse slaughter plants reopen here, I'll never take another bite of beef!

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