Ehren Litzenberger of BLD in Chandler on Mario Batali and Why It's Hard to Be a Three-Squares Chef

Litzenberger in the kitchen at BLD
This is part two of my interview with Ehren Litzenberger, executive chef at BLD in Chandler. If you missed part one, where Litzenberger dished about simplicity, chocolate-covered grasshoppers and his beef with "foodies," read it here.

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Favorite thing to eat growing up: Pizza, Round Table, dining in.

Favorite thing to eat now: Thai food. Thanks, David (Latitude Eight Thai Grill).

Best food memory: A friend of mine, James Saio (last chef of Taggia) recently relocated to Santa Barbara, re-launching a restaurant for Kimpton Hotels. I went to visit and he made the most succulent beef ribs with soy-chile caramel and spicy cabbage. My girlfriend at the time said, "This is the only time you can cheat on me" (with food of course).

If your cooking were a genre of music, what would it be?: Very difficult to put just into one genre. I can be dubstep most of the time, but sometimes, I'm smooth jazz with a story to be told. So if you could put all that together, that would be me. Let me know when you find it.

Your most embarrassing moment in the kitchen: First day on the job at Kuleto's in San Francisco, my sauté pan caught on fire, and as I tried to put it out, I nervously knocked it onto the floor. Now I had a bigger fire! Oops.

What really turns you off when you're dining at a restaurant?: The fact that so many people do not know the proper use of salt. I have had dishes and said, "Really, did you taste this before you sent it out?" because it has no seasoning. Other times, dishes can be so over-seasoned that I have to regretfully send them back.

Name one of your favorite places to dine in Phoenix: Cibo. I love that the food is amazing, they have a beautiful patio, and Guido is just the best!

Local chef you admire and why: Guido Saccone of Cibo and Claudio Urciuoli of Noca. Both are great guys, very simple, and I love both Cibo and Noca. Every time I go, it's a whole new experience for me.

Location Info

BLD Restaurant

1920 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Latitude Eight Thai Grill - CLOSED

11 W. Boston St., Ste., Chandler, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Cibo Urban Wine Cafe & Pizzeria

603 N. Fifth Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant


3118 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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