Amy's Baking Company: My 103.9's Monti Carlo Interviews Amy and Samy Bouzaglo

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Despite recieving notice from Kitchen Nightmares producers that media interviews might be a pretty dangerous proposition, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of the imfamous Amys Baking Company went on air with My 103.9 radio morning show host Monti Carlo on Monday.

"I'm not proud of my behavior on the show and I'm very sad that the whole world had to see me have a meltdown against people that had been bullying me for three years . . . this is no way to behave," Amy told the host in the interview. "It was very difficult to have Arizonans turn against us because we really don't feel that our story has been . . . we have not been able to get our voice out there."

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For those who don't watch reality television unless a duo of insane restaurant owners go nuts on customers and the entire Internet, Monti Carlo is also a reality TV veteran. The single mother competed in the third season of Fox's Masterchef before coming to the Valley's radio airwaves.

Following the interview, Carlo took to her own Facebook page to air her opinions on the situation, saying that though she didn't approve of Amy and Samy's actions, she did feel sorry for the couple. Here's Carlo's full Facebook post defending Amy's Baking Company.

An excerpt from Monti Carlo's post on Facebook:

A post from Masterchef contestant and radio host Monti Carlo

Watch the full Monti Carlo/Amy's Baking Company interview below.

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- Stealing servers tips.

- Lying about in-house made pasta and desserts (and who knows what else - they wouldn't make a sauce without bacon for a vegetarian customer - why? Because they didn't have the independent ingredients available to make-to-order the same sauce without the bacon.)

- Screaming at customers.

- Attempting to embezzle money from customers who never got their food.

- Amy convicted of ID theft and bank fraud.

- Sammy convicted of drug distribution, threats, and extortion.

- Samy banned from entering Germany and France.

- Samy lying on his immigration papers.

- Both lying about being hacked.

- Stealing internet photos and posting them as their own.

- Becoming offensive and confrontational when called on their behavior.

- Firing a food runner for asking a question, when Amy had gotten the table wrong a few minutes earlier.

- Samy is the ONLY person to use the POS and pockets the tips that the servers MUST CLAIM ON THEIR TAXES BY LAW - even if they don't get to keep them. (Serious financial auditing of these two is seriously needed.)

Rose+Moser+Allyn dropping them as clients in less than a week.

No, no one deserves death threats, or threats of any kind. But feeling SORRY for them? Seriously? Why?

These people brought this all on themselves. Repeatedly. For years. No one made them behave this way. 


After reading about the death threats these people received and reading Monti's FB comments I decided to do some sleuthing to see if there was anything at all to the stories of the 3 years of harassment by "Yelpers".

Guess what folks? When I went to "talk" on Yelp, I searched for Amy's Baking Company. There were MORE than 10 pages of threads full of comments about Amy's Baking Company and the newest discussed holding a UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event) at Amy's while Gordon Ramsay was there. Older ones discussed the same type of things at different times among other things. There were also a lot of jokes and comments about going to eat there and leaving terrible reviews.

So what I concluded was that while Amy & Samy were RUDE, CRUDE and very FOOLISH to have replied the way they did to the initial review, they have been excoriated for over 3 years for their midjudgment. Yes they have tempers and yes we saw and heard pretty bad behavior while Ramsay's show was filming, but they saw a few people from Yelp that they recognized and they knew it was going to get ugly.

I believe them about the harassment now although I had not been a believer. I thought it was lies. I wish they weren't so crude and rude when speaking to customers, but I think they've learned a valuable lesson and hopefully will improve from here on out. I say do what I did, investigate Yelp talk and then see what you think. It may just change your mind somewhat. Both parties here were in the wrong and on Yelp it was a lot more than 2 people. It was a gang of people and comments were posted saying "we shouldn't discuss this here because the producers, the owners and maybe the police are reading here. Let's go to IM" That tells me they were very aware of what they were doing and that it was wrong. Go check it out.


Their 15 minutes are up. Let's move on.



You're lying, it's really just that simple.

a couple things you speak of took place on facebook. Not Yelp talk.

but I think you are lying on perpose


@mightylibelle  It's all there on Yelp talk. I could prove it to you and Monti is doing a show soon that will prove what took place on Yelp and have someone on that will prove ABC's social media was hacked.

I explained to you how to look it up yourself, so go do that before you say I lied. I ate at ABC years ago when I was in town, no big deal either way. The food was passable. I do not know anyone involved in ABC nor do I live in Scottsdale so I don't have a dog in this fight. Just speaking out for the bullied.


@FunkyTown53 @mightylibelle lol now it was hacked you people need to get real that place is being shut down and you cant help them save it not now not ever. Pretending some season 3 looser is going to do a show about it is a joke.. mm cant wait to taste marks crab cakes yum

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