5 Desserts That Pastry Chef Rachel Miller Is Totally Over

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Rachel Miller
So over you.
I love sweets. Obviously. As a pastry chef, I fully understand giving the people what they want. But I also believe in challenging the diner to try something new, expanding their taste buds and minds.

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I recently took a friend to dinner. I ordered the whole dessert menu, as is the norm at our dinner table, and at the end of it, I asked her favorite.

"The vanilla bean gelato."

What? The dessert menu at this restaurant is my perfect menu. It has one safe dessert for the likes of my friend who is happy eating the everyday. The rest are an abundance of fabulous, creative desserts that utilize seasonal ingredients while presenting the depth of imagination that the pastry chef brings to the menu.

A dessert menu should be as thoughtful as the dinner menu. The final impression of a restaurant is your sweet treat. Personally, I get bored with the same options all the time. I have been known to leave a restaurant without a dessert (shock and horror!), due to the lack of inspiration or absence of care when executing the dessert menu.

These are five desserts that I am over seeing on every dessert menu.

Molten Chocolate Cake
Why do people swoon for this dessert? Maybe I'm bitter because I've baked these to order thousands of times, but I hate this dessert. It's cake that's not baked all the way through. You can do it at home and eat it in your sweatpants.

I love cheesecake. However, every time I order it, a one-ton brick of cream cheese arrives on my plate. Often overbaked, the crust is made of garbage boxed graham crackers and butter. Slop on some canned cherries and we have ourselves an old-school steakhouse sweet. Until we can learn to bake a light fluffy cheesecake and garnish with more inventive goodies, let's park this option.


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This is the type of person that charges $15 for two tiny bites of molten chocolate cheesecake, infused with cayenne and saffron, with a creme brulee REAL vanilla bean tiramisu topping, served on top of a mexican chocolate earl grey brownie.  

And you leave saying, "That was the most expensive brownie that tasted like nothing ever.."


A really good vanilla ice cream or gelato can be a revelation. I had one recently that made me wonder why people use "vanilla" as a synonym for "plain".

I'm mostly in agreement on the molten chocolate cake. It's usually a lame attempt at dessert, but every now and again you get one that reminds you why everyone went bonkers for them back in the 90s.


How about Red Velvet anything as a dessert that has quickly burst onto the scene, run its course and is ready to be retired.  On the flip-side, more pastry chefs need to think about incorporating snickerdoodles as a flavor profile into all of their desserts.

Barb Walters Harris
Barb Walters Harris

yes, but if not dining at a fancy restaurant, I'll take that entire pan of brownies in the photo, please, though one of the best parts, the corner, already has been taken.

Marshall Shore
Marshall Shore

Luckily, she is not talking about ricotta cheesecake. Is it on any menu in the valley?

Mich Hernandez
Mich Hernandez

Salted caramel anything, though delish, is kind of getting overdone too.

E Leigh
E Leigh

Previously frozen cheesecakes and lazy creme brulee? Pass. Great list!

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