CLOSED: Davanti Enoteca in North Scottsdale

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The city of Scottsdale takes another punch to the restaurant-scene gut today -- and this one's a doozy: Davanti Enoteca has shuttered after just nine months.

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The fourth location of the Italian restaurant from Chicago-based Francesca's Restaurants Group, headed up by chef Peter DeRuvo (Sassi, Prado, Cuoco Pazzo), moved into the former Quilted Bear space at 6316 North Scottsdale Road last August.

Francesca's Restaurants Group also owns the Italian restaurant chain Mia Francesca, which closed the doors to its DC Ranch location last week after being open for only 15 months.

Davanti's concept, described as a "small-plates wine bar concept," featured a menu of sharable modern Italian fare as well as a sizeable wine list. Standout dishes included a focaccia di recco with local honeycomb, seared octopus, and many of DeRuvo's fresh-made pastas such as the stellar housemade orecchiette.

"Sad stuff," DeRuvo tells me about the closing. "We did good; great staff."

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Davanti Enoteca - CLOSED

6316 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Megan Monaghan
Megan Monaghan

Shit! Where are we supposed to get our fresh focaccia with honeycomb Jacob?


This is very surprising. I understand there are many non-economic reasons a restaurant can close, but the closing of a quality place in a relatively central location that had earned mountains of good press and awards over its short time makes me wonder: can this city even support the many great restaurants that have opened over the past ten years or so? Despite our large population will our collective poor taste (and lower wages) ultimately doom us to chains with little independent variety?  Is this why we can't have nice things? Am I going to post a whole comment of rhetorical questions? 


Sad News, I enjoyed a very good dinner there Saturday.

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