Central Phoenix ABC Cake Decorating Supplies Receiving Angry Phone Calls From Confused Amy's Baking Company Haters

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Top: New Times archives, Bottom: Still from Kitchen Nightmares
Confused and angry Kitchen Nightmares viewers have been calling -- and yelling at -- the wrong folks.
This time, it's not as easy as ABC.

Imagine what it would be like to have a Phoenix business with an all-too-similar name to Amy's Baking Company, and you'll feel ABC Cake Decorating Supplies' pain.

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In fact, over the past few days, the owners and staff at ABC Cake have found themselves fielding angry phone calls meant for Amy and Sammy Bouzaglo.

"It's hard for us because there were some issues with their name and our name [when Amy's Baking Company opened], and they assured us it wouldn't be a problem," ABC Cake Decorating Supplies store manager Pattie Durkin told Chow Bella Thursday afternoon. (ABC Cake predates Amy's by several years.)

But Durkin says it's become a real issue now since the Amy's Baking Company employee shirts (shown throughout the Kitchen Nightmares episode) read "ABC." Gordon Ramsay refers to the restaurant as "ABC" at least once in the show. And the sign outside the restaurant says ABC.

Durkin said the angry phone calls began last week, before the episode even aired in Arizona, leading her to believe at least some are calling from the East Coast.

"They call and say 'I can't believe you would treat your employees like that, you're horrible'" she says. "But I tell them we're family-owned and operated and our owners treat our employees very well."

She said she also informs them they have the wrong number and that they need to look up "Amy's Baking Company," not "ABC."

It's true, when you Google search "ABC Baking," the first results offer ABC Cake Decorating Supplies' location and phone number but also call up news articles about Amy's Baking Company. Lucky for the confused callers, Durkin and the ABC Cake crew are apparently dealing with the situation with the poise and grace Bouzaglo seems incapable of.

"We can handle it," Durkin says cheerfully.

If you still haven't seen the Amy's Baking Company Kitchen Nightmares episode you can watch it (at least for now) below. For the entire history of Amy's Baking Company story you can read all of Chow Bella's coverage here.

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Here's hoping that the ABC Cake Company can profit off of all this mess. If they even get one more sale because of the mix up that's all the more power of how bad service for one company can benefit another.


The amout of collateral damage these 2 have caused continues to rise and the best part is they regret nothing and blame everyone else.

Oy vay.


That's probably where Amy's buys their deserts.


ABC Bakery should use a new advertizing slogan: "Unlike the other ABC, we actually make our own desserts!"


Sucks for them but it sounds like they have they right attitude and approach to persevere through it.

Kimberlynn Hall Tovrea
Kimberlynn Hall Tovrea

not surprising... doesn't make me happy - nicest group of people EVER at that business.

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