CLOSED: The Breakfast Joynt in North Scottsdale

Today, fans of The Breakfast Joynt in North Scottsdale will be waking up to some sad news: The restaurant shuttered on Sunday.

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The locally owned breakfast and lunch spot at 14891 North Northsight Boulevard (Northsight Boulevard and Raintree Road) opened five years ago courtesy of owners David Phelps and Becky Mazzocco.

With the tagline, "Everyone Likes It in the Morning!" the Breakfast Joynt featured a.m. scratch-made dishes like home-style biscuits and gravy, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, and chocolate-chip crepes. Lunch dishes included burgers and sandwiches like The Monte Cristo and a jalapeño chicken club.

But it sounds as if The Breakfast Joynt won't be closing as much as relocating.

A post on the restaurant's Facebook page had this to say:

"Hey all our fantastic fans, this is one bittersweet status for us....most of you already know that our five years here is up on Monday and tomorrow will be our last day at the Northsight location. We can't thank you enough for laying such a great foundation for us. Thank you for bringing your families and becoming a part of ours. We WILL be seeing you very soon again though, please keep a close eye on this page and our website ( for updates on where the next location(s) (hint hint;)) will be! So come in today or tomorrow and say 'see ya soon', because we don't wanna do this without all of you....thank much ♥"

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The Breakfast Joynt

20775 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Phaedra James
Phaedra James

the good news is that you can just click on "ignore this warning" and you'll get to the page.

Chow Bella
Chow Bella

Sorry folks, looks like we're not out of the woods yet. Thanks for your patience and your helpfulness. We'll update you as soon as we know more.

PegnBob Briggs
PegnBob Briggs

Yeah....what's up Chow Bella....we keep getting this warning!!!

Joanie Hollabaugh
Joanie Hollabaugh

This link goes to a Security Warning page about 'website reported as abusive'??

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