A Trio of Easy-to-Make Summer Rolls

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Andy Broder
Three Kinds of Summer Roll
A few days ago, I came across a package of rice paper in my pantry and was inspired to make a trio of summer rolls. Any combination of ingredients that make a good chopped salad also will make a good summer roll. Rice paper starts out rigid and it easily cracks and crumbles. Place a sheet into a dish of warm water for 10 seconds and the paper is suddenly flexible. Set it down, mound your filling across the bottom third, and by the time you're rolling it up the paper is very soft and a little sticky -- so it rolls with ease, and the finished roll holds together.

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Rice Paper

In case you're wondering, "summer" denotes uncooked rolls, while spring rolls are fried. That's the basic rule, but it's not hard to find examples of recipes that illustrate less-than-strict adherence to the rule. As long as the recipe tastes good, I don't get too hung up on the label.

Summer Roll 1 - w mango chutney ready to roll.jpg
Andy Broder
Summer Roll 1 - Pea Shoots, Turnip, Peppadews, and Mango Chutney
My first summer roll was filled with pea shoots, slivers of fresh local turnips, and some peppadews (but pepperoncini would also work). I combined the ingredients with some mango chutney I got as a gift and the filling was ready to roll. Any moist but not dripping wet condiment will work well. If the filling is too wet the summer rolls will be soggy. Whole pea shoots running lengthwise made my roll look good, but the texture of my pea shoot filling would have been better if I'd chopped the shoots.

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No offense, but the ones in the picture on the left look like their stuffed into condemns.


Wonderful ideas. I make summer rolls at least 2-3 times a month but have been in a rut with me butter lettuce, mango, carrots, avocado and sprouts. Looking forward to changing things up.

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