How to Prepare for a Party in Under an Hour -- and Clean Out Your Fridge at the Same Time

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Andy Broder
Bruschetta Party in Under an Hour

"Sure, come over. See you in 90 minutes." That's how it begins. Then you make the bed, and since it's nearly dinnertime, you look for something (anything) to serve the friends you just invited to stop by.

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When I looked in the refrigerator the last time this occurred, I found an odd assortment of vegetables, none of them in a quantity that would serve six, even as an appetizer. I did have a garlic and herb pizza crust from Fresh and Easy that I wanted to taste-test, four slices of pumpernickel bread, some bits of cheese, and a little lox.

One hour and a little adrenalin later, I had a party.

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Andy Broder
Just-roasted bruschetta toppings
The menu for a bruschetta board coalesced and I preheated the oven to 425 degrees. I started with the vegetables.

  • I peeled and diced the one golden beet on hand.

  • I cut my single broccoli crown into bite-size pieces.

  • I cut the handful of wide Dutch green beans into silvers.

  • I cut the yellow squash and mini red bell pepper into thin slices.

  • I diced the pasilla pepper

Then I tossed them individually in a little olive oil and seasoned them with salt and pepper. I put them into the oven that had almost reached its 425-degree setting. The vegetables were roasting and I moved on.

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Cool Idea - I can't wait to clean out my refrigerator.  1st time I've ever said tha!

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