Lip Chaser Delivers Mouth-to-Mouth Action at the Bar

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Pucker up, Phoenix -- a frisky new follow-up to the body shot is here, and it's making its way to a liquor store near you. Lip Chaser, a patent-pending "kiss chaser," is a product from a Tempe-based business aimed at targeting the promiscuous party scene with a line of candy lip-gloss chasers.

We can't help thinking this is the hottest new way to catch cold sores, but for those party-goers who find that going out often turns into making out, this is certainly a product worth checking out.

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Katie Johnson
The setup is simple: Person A applies a generous layer of Lip Chaser to his or her mouth with his or her finger (why this product comes packaged like ketchup samples rather than lip gloss is a mystery to us) while Person B (preferably someone you know) takes a shot and then sucks kisses the candy goo off Person A's lips.

Company founder and ASU alumnus Jeremy Bryant says the idea came to him amid --what else? -- a casual night of drinking. Via Lip Chaser:

A friend of his had just applied her cherry lip gloss, bragging about how
tasty it was, when another friend suddenly finished his shot of vodka and spontaneously kissed the gloss off of her lips. "It was funny. And it was a real a-ha moment."

The whole encounter, oddly reminiscent of a Katy Perry song, inspired Bryant to pursue his business venture, launching two artificially flavored glosses, Cherry (good for whiskey and vodka) and Lime (better suited for tequila). The product, offered in packs of 10 and 20, is currently being sold through the company's website and at local establishments including: Sun Stop Liquor, Jerry's Liquor, and Sam's Liquor & Mart.

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"We can't help thinking this is the hottest new way to catch cold sores" Great line.


Cool! Another segue into random bar make outs.  I'll take my chances with the cold sores.. :)


For real?? If this works I'm all about it

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