Mother's Day in Phoenix: Moms Eat Gluten-Free at Tryst Café (with Bottomless Mimosas)

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french-toast tryst cafe.jpg
Photo courtesy of Tryst Café
The gluten-free French toast at Tryst Café. Tryst is offering bottomless mimosas for Mother's Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
I can't decide what I'll have for my Mother's Day brunch, but I know where I'll be.

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I've already made my reservation for Tryst Café, which uses local, organic ingredients. They're having a promotion for Mother's Day for bottomless mimosas with fresh-squeezed oranges for $15 per person.

That will make my mother happy. But for me, it's the gluten-free options. And the menu here is like a reunion with my favorite things.

eggs benedict.jpg
Photo courtesy of Tryst Café
The eggs Benedict at Tryst
Tryst has a Monte Cristo, the sandwich I had in fifth grade, when my father took me out
for my first "grownup" lunch.

I ate the original version, a croque-monsieur, in a café on the Champs-Elysees in Paris,
when my husband and I were tripping through the country on a Eurail Pass.

At Tryst, it includes two French toast slices, ham and Gruyére cheese, topped with
strawberry jam and served with sweet potato tots, which they didn't have on the menu in

And there's a Hawaiian breakfast with two fried eggs, fresh house-smoked kalua pork
and cabbage on jasmine rice. It transports me to the backyard luaus of my years on the
Islands, the sounds of the ukuleles, the sway of the hula dancers, the tradewinds in the
palm leaves.

Or maybe I'll try the eggs Benedict with capicola ham, spinach, grilled tomato, buffalo
mozzarella and a poached egg, topped with Anaheim chile.

So many choices, only one Mother's Day brunch.

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