CLOSED: J. Alexander's in Scottsdale

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J. Alexander's, the Tennessee-based chain of straightforward American fare in thirteen twelve states, has shuttered its Scottsdale location.

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Opened in the fall of 2008, J. Alexander's, located at 6186 North Scottsdale Road (adjacent to The Borgata of Scottsdale), served up dishes such as buttermilk onion rings, aged prime rib, and white chocolate cheesecake. Burgers and sandwiches were also part of the menu.

Although not technically part of The Borgata of Scottsdale, the upscale shopping center on the border of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, the restaurant's closing may have been indirectly related to The Borgata's ower, Scottsdale-based AV Homes Inc. Last fall, the local homebuilder stated it plans to redevelop the site into luxury condominiums.

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I heard everyone is two weeks pregnant prior to having sex in Arizona so everyone is eating for two.  Restaurants must be doing awesome.


Yeah, alot going on landlord-wize at that location. Wouldn't be surprised to see Sam Fox's Blanco's Tacos skeedaddlin' soon, too.

Michael Yarlott
Michael Yarlott

Too bad, it was a great place! I hope it was because of the Borgata situation and they reopen elsewhere in Scottsdale.

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