Caramelpalooza 2013: Judge's Recap

Katie Johnson and Diana Lustig
Ribbons, "crack balls" from Essence, Millie's rosemary caramels.

The fourth annual Caramelpalooza is now but a memory. It was a grand time, with more sticky sweets on display than you can imagine. My time at the event was different from most, as I was invited to judge the competition.

As the contestants were arriving and setting up their displays, the other judges and I were sequestered in an empty shop space nearby. It was an all-star cast this year, with folks from Sweet Republic, Christopher's, Julia Baker Confections, Smeeks, go lb. salt, plus contest winner Josh Rhodes.

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This wasn't my first time as a judge. At the very first Caramelpalooza, I won the guest judge contest. Back then, it was a smaller affair, easily contained by the Frances/Smeeks/Stinkweeds parking lot. And there wasn't nearly as much caramel. This year, judges had the daunting task of sampling no fewer than 20 caramel confections. It sounded manageable. Then, once I saw all 20 confections lined up on banquet tables, I realized it was a very good thing that I came hungry.

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UNION at Biltmore Fashion Park

2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

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I have to admit that I really enjoyed this Caramelpalooza, but being a judge last year had made it even more special! It was a perverse thrill to be recognized by 3 of the 20 exhibitors. Maybe that means I'm out on the town a bit too much, but then I have two firm beliefs: 1) Never do a crappy job if you can pay someone else to do it and 2) Everything tastes better when someone else makes it, even an iceberg lettuce salad!

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