Texas Sports Bar Chain CEO and Founder Trademarks the Word "Breastaurant"

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Twin Peaks, looks like you're not a "breastaurant" any more.
Breastaurants are a big deal. Just ask Nightline, which did a report about the increasing competition between classic breastaurants (Hooters) and up-and-comers (Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt). Apparently with the economy in the dumps, these places are fighting tit tooth-and-nail for business.

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Well, that's pretty quaint and all, considering that one Texas sports bar chain (which also follows the "sex sells food better than good food sells food" train of thought) has upped the ante to a whole new level. Believe it or not, Doug Guller, founder and CEO of Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, has trademarked the word "breastaurant."

We guess they even do trashy restaurants bigger in Texas.

The trademark, which can be viewed online at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, means that the restaurant chain can now market itself as the only breastaurant in the United States. Which, of course, it technically is. As far as we know, however, it can't stop other restaurants from continuing to attract customers with skimpy outfits and large breasts on its servers. Those other places will just have to come up with a new phrase.

And as crazy as the stunt might seem, it's not even the first that Bikinis has pulled to get media attention.

Last year, Guller bought the town of Bankersmith, Texas, on Craigslist and turned it into a giant advertisement for his business. He renamed it Bikinis and told Eater he had big plans for the spot in the middle of nowhere. For example, he apparently considered turning it into a giant playground, instituting a new currency (Bikini Bucks, because duh) and trying to achieve the most bars per square foot.

No word on how any of those plans are working out so far. Guller must have gotten distracted by this latest acquisition.

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66rock topcommenter

My viewpoint as a retired bar, restaurant, retail shop owner, bare skin sells everything better than food. It sells a lot of booze but not necessarily food.  If sports bar is the aim, I can see it but for a major lunch spot or any dinning destination, no.  Attractiveness  along with customer service is always good but bare skin limits.  just my two cents.

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Ah damnit you're right. Apologies to our readership for misspelling 5318008.

66rock topcommenter

Btw, my observation is in regard to both sexes, not just women.

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