Bisbee Road Trip: Quaint Farmers Market, Vegan Nachos -- and Frog Balls

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Laura Gill
If you've never been to Bisbee, it's time to plan a little road trip. Located 82 miles southeast of Tucson, this tiny old town of about 5,500 has quite a lot to offer. Its picturesque qualities alone are worth the four-hour drive from Phoenix.

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It should be noted that Bisbee has quite the nightlife scene. On any given evening, you can expect to find yourself some interesting entertainment, whether that be in one of the art galleries or hundred-year-old (possibly haunted) saloons. Bisbee has its own brewery, the Old Bisbee Brewing Company, and also claims to have the world's smallest bar. That said, this post focuses more on what to do during the day, before the freaks come out.

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Cafe Roka is superb. So is Santiago's. And 555. And Table. And the Screaming Banshee. And the restaurant in the Copper Queen Hotel. And the High Desert Market. And Jimmy's Hot Dogs.And Cafe Cornucopia. And Rosa's Italian Restaurant.  Et cetera. Bisbee has the highest percentage of mom and pop restaurants as compared to chain franchises (Burger King is the only such place out in San Jose) of any place I know of in this state. Across the street from the farmer's market is Warren Ballpark, a 104 year old facility that has an incredible history. Last weekend it was the site of the Fourth Annual Copper City Classic Vintage Base Ball Tournament, which featured 6 teams playing 1860-era base ball. Saturday and Sunday nights we joined 21-game winner for the Minnesota Twins and all-around great guy James "Mudcat" Grant as he jammed with Catdaddy and his bass player in the Copper Queen's Saloon. Next year's vintage base ball tournament will feature a night of blues music at the ballpark as well as base ball.


@mikefrombisbee Being from New Mexico, Santiago's is alright, not superb.  Table is alright, not superb.  I LOVE THE HIGH DESERT MARKET and Cafe Cornucopia and the Chocolate store.  I peeked in to the baseball game too!  Very cool.  I had a really hard time narrowing things down, believe me. 

Thanks for the input!


@laura @mikefrombisbee  It's like that in Bisbee pretty much every weekend. Too bad you didn't come into the ballpark during the vintage baseball  tournament. You would have been able to meet Anne Mihelich Henry, a 90-year-old Bisbee native who was one of the best fast-pitch softball players in the nation in 1947. She was signed by the Rockford Peaches of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League that year and played baseball in a skirt. She still mows her own lawn. That ballpark is one of the least known but most historically significant places in Bisbee. We are trying to change all that. New Mexican food is good. So is Sonoran. And Tex-Mex. A cada cual lo suyo. The High Desert Market has the best milk shakes I've ever had. And a great selection of just about everything one could want for eating and drinking. I'm glad you did this piece on the farmer's market. It's one of the features of Bisbee that makes it a vrery fine place to live. 


I'm sad I missed Anne Mihelich. I cherish meeting older folks, especially ladies who did daring things during their time. Maybe next time? I actually visit Bisbee quite often, as my brother in law lives there. Wish I could buy a second home there. Maybe I'll gather up the courage to try the milkshake... I try to avoid excess amounts of sugar. Y si, es verdad, a cada dual lo suyo. Bisbee por vida! Haha.

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